This doesn’t fall into the storyline, really, (for one, Gracie doesn’t have her circus makeup yet) but was an excuse for me to try something new and give you all a thank you for reading. With this time of year it seemed appropriate.

I wanted to do some piece about the Circus for the holidays and this image kept coming back to me. I’ve never worked with gifs before, so this was an interesting learning experience. I’m pretty sure this one is way bigger in file size than they’re supposed to be, but I liked the extended calm of it.

Thank you for coming by and thank you for reading. I can’t express how much it means to me that you spend some of your day here.

I’ve also put up two wallpapers of this comic you’re welcome to. A 1920×1080 wallpaper that can be found here and a 1600×1200, located here.

Happy Holidays, everyone. I’ll be back early next year to continue Gracie’s story.